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Corona Virus Information

We are planning to open on July 11th.

We’ll be implementing systems to deliver the best service we can while working within given government guidelines to help protect our customers, ourselves and our staff.

Our arrival times will be moved to 4:00 p.m. for Holiday Caravans, 3:00 p.m. for Camping with Touring remaining at 2:00 p.m. It’s likely children will need closer parental supervision generally and the play equipment will not be available.

For our Touring customers we won’t be providing shared facilities so you will need to be self contained in your own unit.

We had planned to provide private toilet & shower facilties to each family camping with us and have restricted our camping bookings acordingly. However the information issued by the Welsh Parliament on 29/06 is not clear if that is acceptable under their regulations. We are urgently seeking clarification. Currently we are not permitted to have any tents on site – we are still pushing for some common sense but not looking very promising.

We will be asking all our customers to be patient and respectful with any necesary changes. We have been fortunate in our local area with very few instances of Covid-19 and there is some anxiety within our local community over the impact of a large influx or visitors. So we’d particularly like you to be mindful as you move about – if the path is narrow arrange to be in single file when passing others for example.

Thanks for the overwhelming support of our guests. We’re very grateful and appreciative -it’s meant a lot to us.

We hope to see you soon

Simon & Amanda


Pubs & Restaurants set to open if they have outdoor space from 13th July

We have no shared facilities available – that means no access to:
Play Equipment
Utility Room
Toilets & Showers

Shops and services that have being doing a great job of serving us for the last few months will need to adjust to significantly increased numbers – we’d recommend bringing some supplies with you to avoid the need for shopping on arrival day.

Please maintain a social distance – even if it’s not something you feel the need to do for your personal safety we’d ask you to do it out of respect for other people who may feel more anxious than you do.

Do not walk in-between or behind other people’s caravans or pitches

When walking or cycling on the Park please move to your left when approaching others.

Please show similar respect for our community – we’ve been in lockdown with a very reduced number of people and restricted movement. The contrast for the locals when we’re open for visitors may be quite alarming for some.

Please ensure you and your children observe any safety signs or requests to help keep everyone safe.

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